IRCTC introduces optional travel insurance for train passengers at a premium of Rs. 1

This will change train go all things considered. Beginning today, railroad travelers will be offered discretionary travel protection by IRCTC.

The office, which will be at first presented on a trial premise, will permit travelers to select a travel protection for a premium of just Re 1 while booking an e-ticket from the IRCTC site.

The office is held for travelers of all trains, barring sub-urban trains, through its official site, independent of the class of the ticket.

Accessible just for affirmed and KAC tickets, the protection will give scope to all travelers, barring kids beneath 5 years old and remote nationals.

The plan is additionally material for Vikalp trains, short end and redirected course. If there should be an occurrence of short end, if the traveler decides on substitute method of transportation orchestrated by Indian Railways upto the destination station, then this a player in the adventure of the traveler might likewise be secured under the strategy taken.

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The plan offers explorers or their families pay of up to Rs 10 lakh in case of death or lasting aggregate handicap, Rs 7.5 lakh for changeless fractional incapacity, up to Rs 2 lakh for hospitalization costs and Rs 10,000 for transportation of mortal stays in case of death or harm from a train mischance or other ‘untoward occurrence’ including psychological militant assaults, dacoity, revolting, shoot-out or pyro-crime, and also for short end, occupied course and Vikalp trains. Train mischance and untoward occurrence cases will be according to definition under Sections 123 read with Sections 124 and 124A of the Railways Act, 1989.

The cases insinuation ought to be quick however not later than four months after the occasion. The insurance agency will handle the case and send the check inside 15 days of the receipt of record.

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In the event of cancellation of tickets, IRCTC will make a programmed discount of the premium sum after reasoning of authoritative charges to the traveler on the same record that was utilized to book the ticket.

Few Mistakes Should be Avoided While Booking Online Tickets on IRCTC

Being an Indian you know very well there is huge crowd in Indian Railways. Especially in Festive seasons the crowd reaches high point. During festivals like Holi and Diwali, large number of people back to home to enjoy holidays with friends and family.

I also have been booking tickets since last three years and experienced that booking tickets online with berth conformation is not so easy but not impossible if you take some precautions to avoid some mistakes. There is some steps given below to book tickets online on Irctc without making some obtrusive mistakes.


  1. Fist you need to have fast internet connection for booking tickets online because there is limited window for tickets booking. Your internet speed should not be less than 512 kbps. And always use computer which responses faster.
  2. Fast enter all necessary information while typing on keyboard otherwise you can lost the confirmed tickets so always use the prompt.
  3. Most important thing is to Plan your journey dates earlier because there is no return option available while actual booking tickets online.
  4. If there is problem of slow speed on logging page of ticket booking so you should wait for some time instead of press “Back” or “Reload” the page because if you do anyone of it so you will automatically log off from Irctc website it is another way to wasting a time.
  5. As I Suggested before that you should make proper journey plan, dates of traveling, Class etc so before log on to Irctc website search train schedules and choose which is preferable for you.

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  1. While booking tickets online all necessary information like name, age card details should keep with you.
  2. You will be automatically log off from website if you use same account on multiple browsers or multiple devices again this is wasting of your time.
  3. Logon to Irctc website fifteen minutes before 10 a.m. And if you keep idle the   Irctc login page more than 2 minutes, you will again automatically log off from Irctc website.
  4. You have to complete the whole process you cannot reduce any option to select the berth preference.
  5. Payments should be done through debit card or credit card instead of using Net banking.Net banking is again is slower because of bank’s portal.

So considered that some points to avoid the chances of error happening and Enjoy your Journey with IRCTC.

Irctc Rules

IRCTC is Indian Railways portal to provide online booking of tickets also provide catering and tourism activities. IRCTC is set up by Ministry of Railways with the mission to ‘Enhance the customer services and facilitation in Railway catering, hospitality, travel and tourism with best industry parties.’ IRCTC is fastest growing website as well as largest ecommerce website entire the Asia-Pacific region.

IRCTC provides easy way to people to register their self on Irctc Registration. IRCTC has also expanded their operations with the development of hotels budget, providing special tour packages. IN superfast and express trains it provides refreshment rooms, AVMs, Milk stalls, Book stalls, Ice-cream stalls etc. To take the benefit of IRCTC services you need to register on irctc portal. It is free and easy to create account on IRCTC portal. First visit on Irctc official website and submit your registration but for booking tickets online IRCTC made some rules and regulation regarding to booking online tickets to follow.

1. For Register on user have to update their profile with valid username, Email ID, Address, And Mobile number. Irctc next generation login with invalid Email and username and Mobile number will be deactivated.

2. Never purchase you E-tickets from unauthorized agent.

3. Multiple login on is not allowed.

4. An individual user can only book maximum number of 6 tickets in a moth.

5. If you are facing any problem during login or logout so you should delete browser cookies/cache.

6. From one user ID anyone can book only two tickets in a day between 8am to 10am.

7. Tatkal tickets can be book only two tickets from one user ID in a day between 10am to 12pm.

8. ‘Quick book’ option only available between 8am to 12pm.

9. All tickets booking agents are allowed to book tickets between 8am to 8:30am for general tickets. For AC tatkal booking timing is available time is 10am to 10:30 am and for non AC tatkal booking available timing is 11am to 11.30am.

10. Exception of return booking and onward journey not more than one booking is allowed between 8am to 12pm.

This was some easy and essential rules which will be helpful for new user who are facing difficulties and do not aware with IRCTC rules and regulations. Now anyone can get registered on IRCTC portal and take advantages of services provided by IRCTC. Here some steps given below for registration.

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IRCTC E-Ticket cancellation:

Booking of tickets from Railway board is not easy task people suffers lots of problem while booking tickets and cancellation of tickets. First thing is to be important that e-ticket cancel only before the chart preparation for example if train timing is 12pm that chart prepared earlier night and second thing is that e-ticket  cannot be cancel at the face to face counter. For you can visit Indian next gene railway login


Railway tickets cancellation will be easy if you follow this guide. Before cancellation it is important to know that you will not get tatkal ticket refund get at that time. A passenger who is in waiting list can be confirmed tickets after your cancellation. If you not cancel your tickets then there is no right to TTE to allotment of your birth to other person even by paying money. IRCTC has provided facility to cancel tickets online.

Follow this few simple steps for e-ticket cancellation:-

  1. Sign in to
  2. Then click on “Booked Tickets” option.
  3. Select the tickets that you want to cancel
  4. Now select the passenger for whom you wish to cancel the railway ticket.
  5. Go on to Cancel Ticket Button.
  6. If your tickets are cancelled. You will receive a message that “Your Ticket with PNR number is cancelled. Your Refund will be processed soon.


IRCTC Reservation, check train timing and schedules:


IRCTC is portal of India Railways which provides online booking of train tickets as well as catering and tourism facilities. Anyone can get registered on Irctc portal and create their account on it just by following few easy steps .After creating account you have to choose your travel plan and book your tickets. Generally, Reservation is required for long distance traveling. You can use any one of technique for reservation i.e. online mode, at travel agency, or Railway booking counter. for login information click on irctc next generation login new page

For reservation login on IRCTC official website at (Online Reservation Portal) and check the train number by that you want to travel. Check IRCTC Reservation train availability. Now  follow this steps:-

  1. Firstly check the berth availability, under the service section train timetable will appear.
  2. Now you have to enter the information of the Railways which you want to depart from and the station you want to travel to, your journey/travel date& Accommodation Type (Berths, Seats, Chair car) that you want to travel.
  3. In case if there no train is available between your chosen stations so it will show an error message. Then go back and select different station names. Or list of trains appear will appear you have to chose among them. Here you will get detail about fair also.
  4. If no berth or seat will available then it will show RAC(Reservation against cancellation).

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IRCTC new Registration, login, sign up

IRCTC new Registration and login, sign up:

Indian Railways, through IRCTC portal correct information regarding to train time table, schedule updating, tickets availability, seat conformation easily. Now consumers do not have to call help line and can see full information regarding to their booking on IRCTC portal. for  Irctc register just click on this


For new Registration you have to go through the following steps:
1.Open the portal as IRCTC Registration. Click on sing up and fill the required fields.
2. Then click on registration form on fill the information and submit the form. you can login with your user name and password to book your tickets and check the availability of trains. can book your tickets. Online it is free .
SO that was the easiest way to register on IRCTC portal…or you can book tickets online by tickets agent also. for irctc login new account open

click here

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